M4 Estates

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Real Estate Consultant

M4 Estates engages in giving property related advice and Consultancy services to clients. With Bangalore as our main base, we are a leading Real Estate Consultants providing guidance to clients for Property Buying Services, Property Selling Services, Property Rental Services, Paying Guest Services and Property Lease services.

With an experience of 15 years in realty business to our credit, M4 Estates has managed to establish itself as a name to reckon with.


Buying Property

When it comes to realty business in Bangalore, M4 Estates is a reliable name. At M4 Estates, we deal in all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial lands/property. For clients who are thinking about Buying Property, we are the safest bet as our trustworthiness is our USP. The long lists of satisfied clients who have dealt with us in the

Selling Property

Being a prominent real estate agent in Bangalore, M4 Estates is engaged in assisting clients in Selling Property. We help our clients find appropriate buyers for their Residential, Commercial or Industrial property. Equipped with an extensive database of different kinds of property, we locate suitable buyers for their land/property. When Selling

Rent / Lease Property

M4 Estates is a reliable Real Estate Agent located in Bangalore; we also assist clients who want to Rent / Lease Property. At M4 Estates, we deal in residential, commercial and industrial property. To find a great tenant in whose hands you can safely trust your property and at the same time one who is ready to pay the asked price seems an almost

Paying Guest Accommodation

Besides being a reputed Real Estate Agent, M4 Estates also helps clients find good Paying Guest Accommodation which is within their budget limits as well as a comfortable living space. While selecting a Paying Guest Accommodation for clients we keep all their requirements in mind so that we can provide effective solutions to them. Not only

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